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Patient information

Samantha Kay

Samantha Kay

  • Nationality
    United States
  • Blood type
    Type A
  • Hospital visited most recently
    Emery University hospital
  • Medical treatment taken most recently
    Ultrasound treatment
  • BLMD tokens balance
    34,908 (US$12,948)
  • Next out patient schedule
    2022/12/22 15:00
    Emery University hospital
    (MRI dept. Dr. Conor Macfree)
  • Samantha Kay
How to use Ibuprofen

Insurance service
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  • US InsuCare
    Build your healthcare Service No. 2019-88EEC
    Coverage: basic regular medical check up service to outpatient
    Service fee: $250 per month (you can pay with Blockmed)

Remote diagnosis
available for you

Remote basic care

Remote basic care

Remote vital check

Remote vital check(authorized medical equipment required)